Aashoor Ki Wo Sham Qayamat Ka Wo Samaa
*That nightfall of Ashoor and that arduous sight *
Aaey Najaf Say Milney Ali as
Jis Ghari Wahan
The time when Ali arrived from Najaf to meet(his daughter)
Beti Lipat Kay Baap Say Krti Thi Ye Fugha’an
A daughter hugged her father and complained
Aray Atha’ra Bhaiyon Ki Behan Ab Nahi Rahi
*No longer do I remain the sister of eighteen brothers *
Baba..! Baba Badal Do Naam Main
Zainab sa Nahi Rahi
O father! Father change my name no more I remain a marvel of Ali (Zain Ab)
Baba Main Lut Gae
O father I lost everything!

Karbobala Basa Kay Ye Zainab sa Nay Di Sadaa
*Making karbala the final abode Zainab exclaimed *
Baba Main Lut Gae
O father I have lost everything!

Nazren Mila Na Payenge Ik Dosray Say Hum
*We will not be able to face each other *
Aey Mere Baba Jaan Tumhe Abbas as Ki Qasam
*O my beloved father, for the sake of Abbas *
Aankhen Na Kholna Mere Sir Par Nahi Ridaa
*Do not open your eyes as my head is not covered *

Pahlay Kay Jesi Aapki Beti Nahi Rahi
*Your daughter is not the same anymore *
Pehchan’ney May Aap Ko Kuch Dair Youn Hagi
It took time for you to recognize me
Benaai Bhi Gai Meri Akber as Bhi Chal Basaa
I have lost my vision, even my Akbar passed away

Sir Rakh Kay Zakhmi Seeney Pay Royi Wo Tishnakam
Placed her head on the severed chest and cried, yearning and helpless
Akber as Nay Kardiya Mere Parday Ka Intezaam
Exclaimed “Akbar has made arrangement for my veil”
Chehray Pay Khoon Hay Mere Karriyal Jawaan Ka
As My face is smeared with the blood of my young Akbar

Ojhri Hay Aik Rooz May Amma Ki Kainaat
The world of my mother Ruined in a single day
Kitnay Janazay Uthay Hain Is Ghar May Aik Saath
How many coffins were carried in this house in one day
Bikhri Hoi Hai Dasht May Tasbeh E Fatima sa
*Scattered in the battlefield are the prayer beads of Fatima *

Shahzadiyun Ki Tarhan Say Rakha Tha Aapney
(O father) You always treated us as noble princesses
Jaatey Hoey Hussain as Ko Soonpa Tha Aap Nay
*And Leaving this world you have handed (us) over to Hussain *
Wo Dekhiye Sinaa Pay Hay Sir Mere Bhai Kaa
*But Now witness my brother’s severed head is on a lance *

Ye Kehtey Kehtey Mir Takallum Wo Roo Pari
*While Uttering this, O Takallum, she fell in tears *
Abid as Ko Jaltay Khaymon Say Laai Hon Main Abhi
(O father) I have carried Abid from the burning tents just now
Beton Ka Imtehan Bhi Beti Nay De Diyaa
*The trials of your son are now faced by your daughter *

Baba Najaf Qareeb Hay Her Sham Aoungi
O father! Najaf is near so every night I shall visit
Main Qabar Par Hussain as Ki Shammay Jalaoungi
And I will light candles on the grave of Husain
Tum Sath Apney Lay Chalo Ab Kon Hay Mera
O father Who do I have now? Please take me with you