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Nazim Party Nohay 2020

Sajjad Arahay HainWatchDownload
Main Jalti RaitWatchDownload
coming soonWatchDownload
coming soonWatchDownload
coming soonWatchDownload
coming soonWatchDownload

Nazim Party Nohay 2018

NohayMobileHD VideoAudio
Aye_Duawaan_NeDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Ghareeb Maa Ko SalaamDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Goonji Ba Waqt E SadaDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Haye Asghar Teri MaaDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Hussain Ibn E Ali KaDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Maaray Gaye Hain BanDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Na Koi Khaima SardaDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Thora Jeya FaaslaDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Tumhari Yaad Na AayiDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Zainab Ke Lutt Jaane KaDownloadWatch OnlineDownload

Nazim Party Nohay 2017

NohayMobileHD VideoAudio
Aja ChanDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Akhri Sawan NeDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
DarbarDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Habib A JaoDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Har Qadam PerDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Hogai RaatDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Jis Ghari ZeenDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Labaik Ya HussainDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Rozay MehsharDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Tera LashaDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Wain KardiDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Zehra O AliDownloadWatch OnlineDownload

Nazim Party Nohay 2016

NohayMobileHD VideoAudio
Track1DownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Track2DownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Track3DownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Track4DownloadWatch OnlineDownload
 Track5DownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Track6DownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Track7DownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Track8DownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Track9DownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Track10DownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Track11DownloadWatch OnlineDownload