Mir Hasan Mir Manqabat 2014

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1 - Hussain A.S Ke Dar PayDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
2 - Zikr Khybar ka Sunaya TuDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
3 - Hai Mera Naam Ali AsgharDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
4 - Jo Azadar Nahi Ho SaktaDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
5 - Yeh Baat Maan LijiayDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
6 - Hoi Khalq Yeh DuniyaDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
Mir Hasan Mir is a world famous Shia Pakistani Noha, Naat and Manqabat reciter and poet. He is well known in the Shia as well as Sunni community and is considered the best Noha Khwaan (Noha reciter) of present because of his unique style of recitation.
As Mir Hasan grew younger his grandfather, family and relatives came to realize the fact that his voice and reciting qualities were not just ordinary. Hence they always kept encouraging him in continuing with the same due to which he developed confidence a lot.