Mesum Abbas Nohay 2002

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01 - Waweyla Sad WaweylaDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
02 -Waqt E RukhsatDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
03 - Farwa(S.A.) Ney KahaDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
04 - Jab Hokey Qaid Sey RehaDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
05 - Zainab(S.A.) Ki Sada AeyDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
06 - Kanjar Key TaleyDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
07 - Aaraam Karo Asghar(A.S.)DownloadWatch OnlineDownload
08 - Waweyla Sad WaweylaDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
09 - Mujh Sey PheleyDownloadWatch OnlineDownload

Mesum Abbas, as he is known professionally, is a renowned Muslim artist who recites/sings about the tragedies of the Prophet Muhammad’s family (Ahlulbayt).

Mesum Abbas is 27 and something of a prodigy in the world of Shiite Islam. Powerful clerics are said to know of his work. His CD’s and DVD’s sell all across his family’s native land, Pakistan, where 20 percent of the population of 180 million is Shiite. He is recognized across the globe and has been given a fantastic review by The New York Times.

Mesum was born and raised in the United States in the state of New Jersey and has released 15 albums since his debut album in 1999, at the age of 9. His lamentations are followed avidly by listeners across the globe.