Hassan Sadiq Nohay 1994

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01 - Aey Alamdar-e-Wafa BazooDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
02 - Hey Waqt-e-Azan Aa Ali AkberDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
03 - Jhola Weran Hey Aur Gooth BheDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
04 - Khat Fatima Sughra Nay Ye babaDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
05 - Paltay Zindan Sey Tow ZangeerDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
06 - Zindan Hey Sakina Hey AndheraDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
07 - Karbala Walon Pay Yeh KaisaDownloadWatch OnlineDownload
08 - Sadah Yeh Deti ThiDownloadWatch OnlineDownload

Hassan Sadiq  is a world famous Shia Pakistani Noha, Naat and Manqabat Qasida reciter and poet. He is well known in the Shia as well as Sunni community and is considered the best Noha Khwaan (Noha reciter) of present because of his unique style of recitation.
He rose to fame in the 1990 when his Nohas gained popularity overseas. Since then he has recited several hundred Nohas all over the world wherever a Shia population exists. He has also released recorded collections of 9 to 12 Nohas every year since 1990 and has published many books of his Nohas.[2] Hehas hitherto released 23 albums of Noha cassette, CDs and DVDs from 1990 - 2018.Though he mostly recites in Punjabi Urdu,he has also recited in languages such as Sindhi, Sariki, Urdu, Pushto, Persian and Arabic.